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Dentist vs Snow At-Home Teeth whitening

Dentist vs Home Teeth whitening

Dentist vs Home Teeth whitening

Dentist vs home teeth whitening. Here’s how I whiten my teeth every day…I don’t visit the Dentist. Why? Well, there are many reasons. But, the biggest reason is because I found an at-home kit I love. And I know you will love it too. Let’s look at Dentist vs at-home teeth whitening. 

Dentist vs at-home teeth whitening comparison

Snow® has rocked my world for the past couple of months, and I’m so excited to share the experience.

I am obsessed with whitening my teeth, keeping them as bright and white as possible.

… Snow has just made this 100x easier.

  • No more dentist visits
  • Say bye to tooth sensitivity
  • And No more underwhelming whitening results

Their award-winning at-home teeth whitening system whitens teeth in as little as 9 minutes daily.

Just plug it into your phone and whiten your teeth while you’re scrolling through Instagram.

Dentist vs Home Teeth whitening So here are the reasons...

So here are the reasons why I don't like to whiten my teeth at the Dentist:

  1. It is expensive
  2. Dentist teeth whitening makes my teeth very sensitive
  3. What a time consuming process. It takes forever, and I have to sit in the waiting room and wait.
  4. The process is super boring
  5. Hurts like hell when the LED whitening tool whitens my teeth.
  6. I can’t even drink a glass of water afterwards for many hours because my teeth are so sensitive.

Pretty much this. At the Dentist, in-chair tooth whitening is the most boring and unsatisfactory way of doing teeth whitening. 

What I would rather do,

Buy a Snow at-home teeth whitening kit to use at home.

Use your kit while you stretch, scroll Instagram, watch youtube, meditate or take ten minutes outside to relax. If you do this daily, you can create a ten-minute relaxing routine.

Dentist vs Snow Teeth Whitening Strips

Dentist vs Snow Teeth Whitening Strips

Read this…

“Please help!

I am a coffee lover. So my teeth are pretty stained. Right now I would love to find a whitener strip that won’t hurt my VERY sensitive teeth. My teeth are so sensitive I have to swallow cold liquids differently than room temperature liquids lol. And yes, my teeth are healthy. My routine check-up is every six months. I guess I can blame genetics.

Previously I tried white strips that hurt my teeth so damn bad while using them. Like the zing pain 🤢 Is there is a better product to try? I tried various cheap products, which give me zero pain, but It doesn’t work.

Has anyone tried teeth whitening on sensitive teeth?

Does anyone have any tricks to whiten sensitive teeth?”


There is a solution.

The solution is Snow.

Snow Teeth whitening

Here is why Snow strips work so well.

Dentist vs Snow Teeth whitening Strips show results

Dentist vs Snow Teeth whitening Strips that show results

Peel, Place, Forget.

The New Magic Strips are the easiest way EVER to whiten your smile. Place the strips on your teeth and go about your business.

Snow strips dissolve in 15 minutes, leaving a fresh lavender minty taste and a whiter smile behind.

Click the link to find out why people who “Hate” whitening strips are now falling in love with the Snow® Magic Strips.

Find your Snow strips here.

Dentist vs Home Teeth whitening. Coffee-stained teeth, what is the solution?

Coffee-stained teeth, what is the solution?

Here’s the secret to my pearly-white smile,

Thanks to Snow’s at-home teeth whitening kit, I now remove coffee and wine stains in 9 mins a day. I prefer not to whiten my teeth at the Dentists.


Because the Snow teeth whitening kit works wonders.

It’s super easy to use and causes no sensitivity.
Start today to see how many shades whiter your teeth can go.

Dentist vs Snow 9 minutes Teeth Whitening vs slow dentist results

Dentist vs Snow 9 minutes Teeth Whitening...

Name a better duo than Snow + white teeth. 

Can’t think of one? 

Me neither.

And that means that I have tried other kits with almost no results.

That is why I say I can’t think of a better duo.

Snow is the World’s #1 Teeth Whitening system, and it has been working wonders on my smile.

It’s SO easy to use, and it only takes 9 minutes.

My teeth are the brightest they have ever been.

TRY THIS. You won’t regret it.

Dentist vs Snow's New Whitening Toothpaste

Dentist vs Snow's New Whitening Toothpaste

This NEW whitening toothpaste is unreal.

Snow® has done it again.

Their brand new toothpaste is now one of my all-time favs!

It replaces your usual toothpaste. But with the added benefit of giving you pearly whites daily.

I’m now using it every morning
to keep my smile brighter, whiter & fresher than ever.

Grab a tube or two today and try it out.

Dentist vs home teeth whitening Wrap up.

Dentist vs At-home teeth whitening Wrap up.

Happy Snow teeth whitening Customers:

SNOW TEETH WHITENING KIT. You need to try it. I have very, very sensitive teeth where I cannot use the crest strips. But Snow has potassium nitrate in it, I have zero pain, and my results are insane!!!

I bought the Snow whitening system. It works super good.

I work in the dental field, and we always recommend that our patients try whitening strips before doing an in-office whitening. Personally, I really like Snow White Strips. If you want to see results, you have to be consistent. You also must be careful with foods that stain your teeth afterwards.

Dentist vs Snow red home teeth whitening kit

Dentist vs Home Teeth whitening. The best way to use your Snow Kit vs a Dentist visit.

Get your teeth cleaned regularly.

Before a whitening session, ensure your teeth are spotless and use a tooth polish to clear any remaining debris off your teeth. Then chill at home and watch TV with your teeth whitening kit for only 9 minutes.

My teeth are insanely, almost uncomfortably white when I keep up with it. For touch-ups or when I’m going out for a special occasion, I’ll also use a Snow whitening strip while I’m getting ready to go.

So why do I prefer not to visit the Dentist for teeth whitening?

Because I found Snow.

Snow teeth whitening Kit is my teeth whitening Hero dream.

Snow’s range will help you follow a healthy dental routine daily and wipe years off your teeth.

Have a look at a few of the items you can get from Snow:

Have a look at a few of the items you can get from Snow:

The LED Electric Tesla of toothbrushes,

Charcoal floss,

Whitening serum,

Whitening wands,

The whitening foam,

The tongue cleanser,

The Led mouthpiece,

Snow Whitening Strips,

The Bamboo toothbrush,

The Teeth whitening wipes,

Snow Whitening Toothpaste,

The lip exfoliating sugar scrub,

Snow rejuvenating lip treatments,

The arctic frost whitening mouthwash,

Limited rainbow magic teeth whitening powder,

And, of course, The Fantastic Snow at-home Teeth whitening kit.


And if you think that is a lot.

Click the link below to 

View all the dental health options you can get from Snow.

Snow At-Home Teeth whitening wipes years off your teeth


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