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5 Easy teeth stain hacks

5 Easy teeth stain hacks 

5 Easy teeth stain hacks

This post is about 5 easy teeth stain hacks that can help you starting today. I would love for you to get your brighter smile. You can do a few simple things to improve your confidence and smile dramatically. Let’s start looking at the 5 easy teeth stain hacks.

What we will talk about. To be honest. These are tips that work for me. I am not saying these hacks will replace teeth whitening. But it can help you set yourself up for better results when you decide to buy a teeth whitening kit or treatment.

– Cut back on alcohol

– Change to a healthy diet

– Discipline

– Get active

– Get more deep sleep

All these five hacks have a significant impact on my life.

These teeth stain hacks changed my life.

These teeth stain hacks changed my life.

1. Part of 5 Easy teeth stain hacks - Cut back on alcohol.

Most of the stuff I do today for my body I did not do earlier on.

I enjoyed my twenties and thirties. Now in my forties, I enjoy making healthy decisions.

Alcohol does affect my health and my teeth.

Once I started cutting back on red wine and spirits. Miracles happened. I started eating healthier. Why? Because when you drink alcohol, you want to snack and eat all the delicious spicy foods.

I am not saying don’t drink or enjoy spicy food. But limit your intake to the weekend. See it as a treat to yourself.

Your teeth and mouth feel better when you drink less and eat less fried and spicy food.

Change to a healthy diet

2. Part 2 of 5 Easy teeth stain hacks - Change to a healthy diet

Healthy food.

What is better?

I know it doesn’t sound as sexy as Taco’s, but you can still enjoy Avo’s, meats and your favourite food. But a healthy diet will help you improve your overall health. That also means your oral hygiene.

I used to eat whatever I wanted. There is nothing wrong with that. But a healthy diet can benefit you if you want to improve your health and oral hygiene.

Practice Discipline

3. Part 3 of 5 Easy teeth stain hacks - Practice Discipline

The way I approach healthy living is to give myself rewards.

If I eat clean the entire week without any alcohol,

I can have some wine and cheat meals over the weekend. In this way, I feel like I have earned my reward. A bottle of red wine and some delicious spicy food to pair with it.

So here is a structure:

  • Eat healthy
  • No alcohol
  • Get active
  • Sleep early
Practice good habits to maintain your teeth whitening

Then, this part is super important:


  • Brush three times daily ( Use teeth whitening toothpaste)
  • Floss twice per day ( Coated Floss )
  • Use mouthwash three times per day. ( Use your favourite )

And I’ve learned to let certain things in while keeping other things out.

It is what boundaries are all about.

Boundaries are up to you,

And when you use them…

You have a lot more control over your life.

It’s your way of controlling what you take in and use to get your desired results.

Get active

4. Part 4 of 5 Easy teeth stain hacks - Get active

Training and activity can solve almost anything.

It can help you get fit and lose a few extra pounds. You can do activities with friends or family. Nothing feels better than being active outside.

Now I am not saying get crazy.

Choose a plan that works for you.

Get more deep sleep

5. Part 5 of 5 Easy teeth stain hacks - Get more deep sleep

The essential part of living a happy life is good deep sleep.

I feel amazing when I sleep early.

Healthy meals, some exercise, and a productive day add to better health.

Sleep will help improve your confidence and decision-making.

It will help you stay focussed on improving your entire body and cosmetic health.

All these little habits can help you get your desired smile.

A happy life leads to a healthy and smiling life.

Start small and build a lifestyle that suits your goals to get your desired smile.

Teeth whitening hacks

Teeth whitening hacks

Teeth whitening takes discipline.

Practice discipline using a teeth whitening kit daily to remove teeth stains. The same goes for your health and oral hygiene routine. Many small steps can achieve huge results over 30 days.

A simple routine can help you see results fast.

Your teeth whitening kit is like a healthy lifestyle. It takes small amounts each day to see results within 30 days.

I train, but I also enjoy a cigar some weekends. It is all about balance and sticking to your good habits.

An active lifestyle will help you improve your diet, drink less alcohol and stay focussed. Practice discipline. It can help your body feel healthy. Wich in turn then helps you stick with a healthy diet and healthy oral hygiene routine.

I usually train three to four times per week. Find the best schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Get Results with 5 easy teeth stains hacks.

Get Results with 5 easy teeth stains hacks.

So to recap.

These are not some crazy home remedies. It’s simple lifestyle adjustments that can help you maintain great oral hygiene. And help you make better decisions with a healthy lifestyle.

All of this translates to maintaining your teeth whitening treatments better.

I’ve been doing this since July, and my body feels incredible.

As a result, I feel better.

I have more energy,

More vigour,

And that makes a difference in my day-to-day life.

So taking care of my body has been a big game changer.

Alright, let’s wrap this up,

I hope you enjoyed these few teeth whitening hacks.

Chat soon.

If you are ready to add a teeth whitening kit to your weekly routine,

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5 Easy teeth stain hacks


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