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Fresh Frankies, Snowy White Teeth Whitening Kit

Snowy Teeth Whitening Kit

Have you checked the weather lately? Your Snowy Teeth Whitening Kit is coming.


If you think it’s crazy to expect Snow in soon, think again. Snow is on the way to your door anytime you wish. Snowy Teeth Whitening Kit.

No change of weather but a change of your mood.

A happy mood.

So do you think it is possible to whiten your teeth in only 9 minutes per day?

I know it is, but I want you also to believe it is,

The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit includes 75 teeth whitening treatments,

It is the only Teeth Whitening kit celebrities rave about.

So you ask yourself, what is Snow?

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Miss Universe


Sprinkle this one-of-a-kind powder onto your toothpaste for a magical whitening boost.

Snow on any day of the year will brighten your smile,


The kit will remove teeth stains,

Snow teeth whitening will not make your teeth sensitive,

A teeth whitening kit with no testing on any animals,

The team wants you to have a happy smile while out walking your dogs,

Snow delivers a teeth whitening kit full of white Snow to improve your smile,

To keep you confident,

and help you maintain a happy snowy white smile in every season.

How does Snow teeth whitening kits achieve these incredible results for people like you and me?

Read more when you click the link below.

Snow can help you whiten your teeth,

And maintain a healthy happy smile wherever you go with Snow.

To receive your happy snowy mood in a Snow kit,

Click this link to learn more about your All in One Teeth Whitening Kit today.

Miss World Demi-Lee At-Home Snow Kit